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01 02 03

New Animation Software 「EmoFuri」 Helps Animate Illustrations Instantly!


E-mote Free Movie Maker, shortened EmoFuri, is a new Windows software released by M2 that helps artists easily animate photoshop illustrations in a 2D-3D style! EmoFuri uses PSD files of character illustrations to animate them.


EmoFuri is free for download! Try it out here!


As a disclaimer, this is far from a comprehensive list of genders, sexualities, kinks, etc. This generator is to be used as a prompt starting block and I highly encourage exploration of terms and topics that do not appear on these lists. 

Hey everyone, my friend empty-crayon-box made a cool generator for you guys!  Like she said, sexuality’s an immense and individualistic thing so there’s no way for all options to be included in one generator, but this could be a good starting point if you’re having trouble coming up with diverse characters.  Remember, if you get something you’re not familiar with, make sure to do some research before you try writing it, and researching things beyond these lists is a good idea too <3

To play: click and drag each gif, or take a screenshot of the whole thing.



something quick to get u started 

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xin you&#8217;re a fucking jackass

xin you’re a fucking jackass

Anonymous whispered: Kel, how do you get that painterly look in photoshop? I've been using SAI for ages and with that the paint just kinda blends itself in with other others but in photoshop I don't know how to do this?? the paint doesn't blend together at all it just goes straight over it and isn't affected by it even on the same layer I??? also you're so great have a good day


YEAH in photoshop you kinda have to blend manually?? In photoshop CS5 and above (I think), you can actually turn on the ‘color dynamics’ in brush settings and it will create a sort of blending effect, but I DON”T REALLY LIKE IT BC it’s kinda hard to control SO I DOn’t use that

I blend in photoshop like this! (make sure your opacity settings are turned on)

and then I repeat the whole eyedrop and brush over until it looks okay HAHA

and just personally, if the mid color is too dull, which it is a lot because photoshop doesn’t mimic the way color blends in real life, I add an extra color! (Use in moderation though OR YOU MIGHT END UP WITH RAINBOWS)

EDIT BLUE N RED MAKES PURPLE NOT GREEN omg turns head in shame

Hope that helps and I hope you have a rad day too!! I really don’t do anything special SO IM SORRY if this isn’t particularly helpful


More bean theory process/tutorial things because I think i skimped on it with the previous post. (thanks josephsk for coining the term lmao)

I think beans make more sense than guidelines. Mainly because unlike guidelines, this has the added benefit of allowing you to have that confident initial stroke for your line art.

ah yes. lizzie. my angry child.
why you gotta have such a distasteful color palette i&#8217;m so sorry wow. that jacket is fucking hideous i didn&#8217;t know what to color it, bye.

ah yes. lizzie. my angry child.

why you gotta have such a distasteful color palette i’m so sorry wow. that jacket is fucking hideous i didn’t know what to color it, bye.

the single greatest cloud brush I’ve worked with so far oh my god



just adjust opacity and size depending on how crisp lines you want


this shit took like 10 minutes

Hand slips

Hand slips




June 24 - Futuristic Weaponry

My secret to art is that I don’t know what I’m doing 99% of the time.

This is the most awkward and the most helpful tutorial I have seen all day thank you.